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The barbering course of instruction for students enrolled in the program requires 1500 hours of practical training and technical instruction covering all practices of barbering, including additional training in customer interaction, courtesy and professionalism, basic business practices, building clientele and retail sales.
There are two hundred ninety (290) hours of technical classroom instruction in the science and practice of cosmetology, and 1210 hours of applied effort for the minimum number of practical operations. The subjects and hours are listed below:
Barbering Board Act, Rules and Regulations 20    
Barbering Chemistry 20    
Health and Safety 20
Theory of Electricity 5    
Disinfection and Sanitation 20 10  
Bacteriology, Anatomy, Physiology 15    
Wet Hair Styling 25 275  
Thermal Hair Styling 20 275  
Permanent Waving 20 70  
Chemical Straightening 20 25  
Hair Cutting 40 400  
Shaving 20 40  
Rest Facials 20 40  
Hair Coloring, Bleaching 20 50  
Scalp and Hair Treatments 5 25
California State Law requires a minimum completion of 1500 hours in Barbering in order to apply for the state Barber license examination. 
Completion of at least 1500 hours of barbering training including all practical operations, technical instruction, and exams with a a score of 70% or better, and a mock board examination. All tuition, fees, and charges must be paid in full prior to the release of final documents, including diploma and transcripts.
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